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AARF Dog Foster Application

Common Reasons Dogs & Puppies are in need of foster care:

Foster parents are the lifeblood of this organization. We get new dog arrivals on a regular basis, whether it is a box of puppies left at our door, a phone call that someone has found a pregnant dog, a stray or, sadly someone needing to surrender his or her own pet. We often get emergency calls from other shelters asking if we can take a dog because they are full. AARF people are passionate; we are often the first responders and we always want to say, “Yes, we’ll be right there,” but first we have to find a safe home. We need a foster. That is where you come in. We hope you will join our foster community. It is through you that we can save these dogs and puppies.  

Expected Duties as a Foster Parent:

  • Provide daily care including food (provided by AARF when available), water, socialization, and a clean, safe environment

  • Provide transportation to and from medical appointments

  • Attend Saturday adoption fairs at least twice a month

  • Socialize and exercise your foster dog

  • Communicate with adoption team and potential adopters to ensure a good match between the dog and their adoptive family (understanding your dog’s temperament and activity needs)

  • Provide age appropriate training to move your foster dog toward being a well-behaved inside companion

Qualifications for Fostering:

In order to ensure that your foster dog receives the care he or she needs, AARF asks that you meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 21 years old

  • Have a basic knowledge of canine care and behavior

  • Have a safe and secure space inside your home to ensure a good quality environment

  • Driver’s license and a vehicle 

  • Willingness to transport your dog to meet potential adopters, vet visits and adoption events

  • Provide access to current veterinary records for all animals in your residence

  • Commitment to time and effort to socialize, train and exercise your foster dog as well as provide ongoing input to the AARF foster team on any behavior changes or health issues

Please fill out the following application and our foster coordinator will be in touch with you soon! 

The more information you provide us, the better! Thank you for your interest in joining our team! Due to timelines and our constant need for fosters, it is best to complete this application when you are immediately available to start fostering.

Name *
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Employer phone number *
Employer phone number
Do you have a car and are you willing to drive your foster to medical appointments, Saturday adoption fairs and home visits which may be up to 45 minutes away? *
Do you rent or own your home? *
Are all members of your household in agreement on becoming a foster family? *
Please indicate ages of all children.
If you have children, are they comfortable and respectful with dogs? *
Do you currently have other pets living in your home? *
Vaccinations up-to-date?
Heartworm prevention?
Still living in your home?
Vaccinations up-to-date?
Heartworm prevention?
Still living in your home?
Vaccinations up-to-date?
Heartworm prevention?
Still living in your home?
Please call and give permission for them to release your records to AARF.
In the event of an emergency, would you be able to get to the emergency room on short notice for medical care? *
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals? *
Have any of your pets ever been picked up by Animal Control? *
Have you ever taken an animal to the Animal Shelter? *
I am interested in bottle feeding puppies: *
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Are you familiar with basic dog obedience techniques (sit, stay, down)? *
If your foster dog is not house trained, are you willing to work with them? *
Have you ever fostered for AARF or another foster-based rescue? *
All adult foster dogs are evaluated for behavior and temperament problems. However, because we often do not have a complete history, issues may emerge that we were not aware of before the dog came to AARF. Are you prepared to communicate these issues and assistance AARF in the best possible solution in order to help this dog become the best companion he/she can? *
Do you agree to keep your adult foster dog on a leash in unfenced areas? *
Do you agree that if you are fostering puppies or have adult dogs in your care that are not fully vaccinated you will not expose them to an environment that would compromise their health? This includes all public grounds, dog parks, sidewalks, etc. *
Do you agree that should your foster dog be unknowingly exposed to a health risk, you will immediately notice your foster counselor? *
Please review the following statement and check the box below to indicate your agreement: *
AARF volunteers cannot always tell whether animals are completely house trained or not, so please treat all indoor fosters as if they are not, until they show you otherwise. Please do not give a foster dog access to shoes, rugs or other valuable items! You may regret it! While AARF is responsible for veterinary care of foster dogs in our network, we cannot assume responsibility for the temperament of the dogs placed in foster care. We try to assess dogs' temperaments and find a match for your home, but we usually do not have their full history. Please let us know immediately if you become worried that an animal in your care may have aggressive or unsafe characteristics. We will work with you to find an appropriate outcome, which may include removing the dog from your care. -- I acknowledge and agree that by participating in animal related activities associated with Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF), Inc., a North Carolina nonprofit corporation (referred to herein as AARF), I am knowingly accepting the risks inherent in such activities. I further acknowledge and agree that AARF does not and cannot assume responsibility for the temperament of any animal that is placed in foster care, is adopted or is otherwise associated with AARF. I hereby release, and agree to hold harmless, AARF, and its directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers, from any and all legal claims and causes of action based on physical injury or property damage that I, or any minor child in my care, have relating to, resulting from or arising in connection with my activities that are in any way related to AARF, including, but not limited to, providing foster care. I acknowledge and agree that I will notify AARF if of my foster dogs exhibits aggressive or otherwise unsafe behavior.
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